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Award-winning Log Integration Services (LIS)

Unmatched on the market, PRAUDIT offers a full-scale conceptional implementation of log collection and analysis. Our services do not only help achiving compliance with effective regulations,but also cover the conceptional definition of log collection and evaluation, satisfying our clients’ and market expectations, estabilishing the regulative environment, a creditable system of log collection and storage, and the full-scale implementation of substantive evaluation, its continous fine tuning and adopting to changes of IT environments and risks. PRAUDIT undertakes log collection and analysis int he form of outsourcing, in service- and investment-based constructions.

During the estabilishment of substantive evaluation, our emphasized objective is the integration of the report, analysis and alert results into our clients’ control processes, during which we undertake the reporting and continual tracking of incidents and critical events, and the security-related fine tuning of filtration and analyitc rules, correlational and statistical log evaluation.

In the context of Log Integration Services, we offer help with:

–          Defining the systems to designate for logging on the basis of IT risk assessment,

–          Completely defining the events designated for logging, applying an itemized set of auditing settings and configuring the systems designated for logging,

–          Defining criticality and notificational levels for critical events and alerts and estabilishing an alerting chain,

–          Implementation of LOGNESS Event Units, importing of the required LEU’s and adjusting them to the needs of the organization,

–          Estabilishing correlational rules, templates and alerts, defining statistical tresholds,

–          Full-scale of building the log analysis reporting structure, designing pre-defined compliance reports,

–          Adopting the log analyisi to the organization’s control environment, defining control requirements, alert and action chains, and adjusting the incidents to the incident management methods of the organization,

–          Providing full-scale log analysis in the form of outsourcing, ensuring continous availability of service.

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