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LOGNESS Collector – centralized log collection and management

The Collector itself is also of modular design. Its core is a background application, responsible for loading different source and assimilation modules. Source modules collect messages from several logging sources, including but not limited to logs arriving via syslog protocol, UNIX-based log files, etc. Assimilation modules on the other hand, are able to forward these logs in several forms (via syslog protocol, exportation to file). Units performing storing of logs in databases, application of digital signature and timestamping are also implemented in form of assimilation modules.

Basic overview of the Collector module’s functions:

–          Reception, filtering and central management of log stacks

–          „Agentless” collection of log messages

–          Storage of raw log sin databases or file structure

–          Creditable, digitally signed and date/timestamped storage, backup and archiving

–          Optimization of storage capacity by pre-filtering of log stacks

–          Definability of allowed source groups, ability to monitor newly defined sources

–          Monitoring of possible malfunctioning sources (heartbeat), Agent and Collector-based solutions

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