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Central log management is more and more recognized as an important security control in any IT infrastructure. Since Microsoft Windows’ native log management subsystem (the event log system) does not provide a way to collect and send the messages to a central log server, one is bound to use a 3rd party solution to achieve this goal. PR-AUDIT’s Logness Windsender application – Windows eventlog agent – was born to offer an elegant solution for this exact problem. One can easily configure what to log, and where to send it; but thanks to its extensible plugin-based architecture, Windsender – Windows eventlog agent – is capable of much more than simply forwarding the standard event logs to a remote location.

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    The trial version of Logness Windsender – Windows eventlog agent – comes with certain limitations. One of these limitations is that only 1000 log messages per day are allowed. Any message beyond that limit will be dropped.
    Also, this version comes with a limited number of plugins:
    •    EventLogSourcePlugin
    •    PatternedFileSourcePlugin
    •    SocketSinkPlugin

    This set of plugins should cover logging in an average environment. However, if you have some more exotic needs, you should really consider purchasing the full version of Logness Windsender. The full version comes with the following plugins besides the three mentioned above:

    – IISSourcePlugin: This plugin connects to the IIS server, gets a list of all available web sites, and collects the log messages of these sites. All of this is happening fully automatically, absolutely no configuration necessary.
    – SQLTraceSourcePlugin: The plugin collects Microsoft SQL Server trace messages based on a Trace Definition File. It is fully capable of logging either standalone, or clustered SQL Servers.
    – TMGChangeLogSourcePlugin: This plugin connects to the ISA/TMG firewall installed on the system, and reads its Change Tracking log messages. It can automatically detect and configure itself for both ISA and TMG, and for both Standard and Enterprise edition. The only configuration necessary is the refresh period.