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The clients

We are more than proud of accomplishing that, by 2014 nine out of the fifteen largest insurance companies in Hungary have been using the LOGNESS framework to collect and analyze log messages. The road from our first client – thanks and deep respect to KÖBE Insurance Company! – to the fresh integrations was long and sometimes bumpy but we are ready to meet the expectations of our present and future clients.

The road

Six years ago we installed the 1.0.x version of the LOGNESS analyzer software on a standalone server and placed it as a “blackbox” appliance in the network of KÖBE Insurance company. First, we used a third party syslog server built by Balabit to collect log messages that was changed to LOGNESS Collector after the new member of the LOGNESS family was ready to perform. We could hardly remember the first steps but what I can recall is that the management of the software was far from real time, we had to wait a day if we wanted to test the changes made on the online log reports. We had online and offline pdf log reports but didn’t have a proper search tool to dig into the database. After years of hard work, the integration of the LOGNESS framework at Generali Insurance Co. was started in 2015. It’s hard to find any similarity with the software installed at KÖBE. The fresh LOGNESS BOXER release in Generali runs in virtualized environment, collection, alerting and database are clustered, LOGNESS Intelligence module provides deep, real-time visibility into the database of terabytes of log messages.

The goals

Of course – there are still 7 major insurance companies – we would like to expand our boundaries, but strongly believe that we can achieve it through constant and focused development of the framework. We try to make it easier to integrate and to use the system, but still developing more-and-more advanced tools to detect anomalies in the controlled systems. We offer downloadable community and professional editions of the framework to make its advantages available to a wider audience.

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