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At LOGNESS, we don’t just give you the hammer. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, we will do the hammering too.

Aside from supplying real-time log analysis, our goal is to provide real-time support as well. Besides delivering and integrating the system, we also offer support for operating it and even log analysis as a service.

During co-operation, we present the following professional services to our clients.


Receiving log entries/migrating log messages

We ensure the complete reception of the log files of the hosts defined by the client. The LOGNESS architecture processes the defined incoming events (even at a high EPS count).

Our experts, qualified LOGNESS sysadmins and engineers provide constant, high-quality support for maintaining the system. This is guaranteed by our experience gained from the works done for the organizations in our references.

We prepare guides for the above-mentioned cases and also offer on-site support for setting them up.

Implementation of general and specific reports and queries

Our support provides implementation of general and specific reports and queries. For these, we grant the templates and point out which events should appear in the reports, their criticality rating, the events needing immediate attention, alerts and correlated incidents.

During the implementation of the LOGNESS framework, we consider it a key task to successfully integrate the log analysis into the client’s control-framework. In this stage, we actuate the conceptional approach of logging, and the log collection and log analysis regulations defining the actual tasks and responsibilities, basic procedures.


System administration, system configuration

Our colleagues ensure the log analytic and collector systems’ constant operation, and in the event of hardware or software flaws, the immediate reparation.

We implement new system components into the LOGNESS framework.

Running project management tasks during the project

Project management regards the following:

  • Scheduling daily tasks of the project
  • Specification of the necessary resources
  • Reporting of the project’s status
  • Collaboration in communication tasks related to the implementation of the system
  • Presentation of progression when milestones are reached